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Save America's Horses!

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Save America's Horses National Billboard

"The Horse Slaughter Issue is about the method used to Kill and Dispose of a NON-FOOD ANIMAL.
How are we going to Kill and Dispose of America's Horses, a NON-FOOD ANIMAL.
Are we going to kill them via a method that is repulsive to the vast majority of Americans,
a method that is against our culture - Slaughter,
or are we going to kill America's Horses via a method that is in line with
American Culture and accepted by Americans -
dispose of the carcass via burial, cremation, landfill, or rendering. "

Horses in the United States are bred, raised and taxed as Non-Food Animals.
If the Horse is going to be considered a food animal, and slaughtered or exported for slaughter as a food animal,
then all the States that impose state sales taxes on horses and related products,
must repeal those taxes because the States cannot tax food animals.

Christine Berry, Equine Protection Network
November 1, 2007

Read EPN Response to Dr. Sarah Ralston, Rutgers University, a pro slaughter vet who calls Americans
whose culture finds the slaughter and consumption of the horse, a non-food animal repugnant, "humaneniacs" her name for
PETA wannabees. One has to wonder if Dr. Ralston calls her colleague Dr. Patty Hogan,
who testified before Congress in favor of ending horse slaughter, a "humaneanic" to her face.

Congressional Support - If the Congressman and Senators introducing and sponsoring this legislation are not listing the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act on their website, then why should we believe that they are willing to use their political favors/chits to move this bill??? Contact your elected officials supporting the AHSPA and ask them WHY it is NOT on their website.
Request that they add it to their website with the other important issues they are working on and supporting.

Make the Commitment:More than ever we ask all of you as horse lovers and owners to stand up and demand that our cruelty laws be enforced - when you see a neglected horse, take action by calling the police, the media and use your cell phone camera to photograph the crime. Put the photos on your MySpace or FaceBook page, or add it to YouTube. The reason neglected horses continue to show up at auctions and slaughterhouses is because the horse industry allows it....there are enough wealthy and influential people with connections in politics to end this... it is all about what people want...not to mention the fact that very few rescues, if any want the law enforced. This has been demonstrated by their failure to report violations of the law, their refusal to provide information regarding dealers who are violating the law, their interference with law enforcement investigations, (let's face it, if law enforcement seizes the horse that prevents the rescue from "rescuing the horse" and neglected horses are the horses of choice to attract media attention and donations.)

In 1995 Christine Berry, appalled and outraged over the transport of horses in doubles and the blatant cruelty at auctions decided to "do something" about what was happening to the horses. The result was the creation of the EPN website, the enforcement of the NY Horse Transport Law, the passage of the PA Horse Transport Law -the strongest law in the United States banning the transport of horses in double deck trailers, no matter what their fnal destination -and the first ever enforcement of the Pennsylvania law prohibiting the sale of sick, lame, and debilitated horses, EPN Sanctuary Program, and the Save America's Horses National Billboard Campaign. All of this was accomplished on an average of less than $5000.00 a year. Ms. Berry continued to manage her own horse farm, raise her children, and earn a college degree. There was no paid staff, no lobbyists, no attorneys, no professional fund raisers, no marketing firm. What there was was a love of horses, a passion and dedication for the enforcement of the law.

Sadly it has become clear that the Rescues and the Public want the status quo maintained as demonstrated by the continued behavior that does nothing to change what is causing the problem and the continued support of organizations that do nothing. The wealthy animal welfare organizations exist to harness the outrage of the American Public when there is a cruelty issue. Otherwise they do nothing. One need only look at their failed legislative track record and their lack of a national mainstream marketing campaign to shape the Public's opinion on animal issues.

The horse slaughter issue is a lost cause due to the mishandling of the issue since 2000 by AWI, HSUS, and Doris Day who have done nothing but fundraiser off the horses blood for the past 9 years. The pro slaughter organizations have been allowed to mis lead the Public and horse owners when they could easily have been neutralized as was done in California before the successful 1998 Prop 6 campaign that made the slaughter of a California horse a felony. Save the Horses successfully neutralized the opposition, the National Cattleman, before the campaign even began. The pro slaughter organizations have been allowed to make ridiculous statements regarding the issue, thus confusing the slaughter issue with rescue and cruelty. They continue to introduce legislation that cannot be enforced. As for the rescues, they have succeeded only in moving the horse industry's "trash can" from the auctions to the rescues, the American Public. The rescues have done nothing to change what is causing the problem.



Double Deck Trailer Legislation Introduced in Congress

HR 305 Horse Transportation Safety Act of 2009 introduced by IL Rep. Kirk January 2009

- EPN OPPOSES because bill lacks Criminal Penalties thus it is Unenforceable!

If passed this legislation is unenforceable because:

  • Public cannot call 911 to report a violation upon observing a double decker with horses on board.
    • How will the U.S. Attorney General know how many violations unless the trailer is stopped by law enforcement so the number of horses can be counted and documented for court?
    • Is the Public expected to investigate, collect, document, and then provide the evidence of the violation to the U.S. Attorney General's Office?
    • Private citizens have reported violations of the Commercial Transportation of Horses to Slaughter Act of 1996 only to be told by APHIS that APHIS does not accept reports of violations from the public!
  • State and local law enforcement cannot enforce a law with civil penalties, only criminal penalties
  • State and local law enforcement have no incentive to contact the federal government on a law with civil penalties and no related state or local law.
  • The federal law enforcement agencies do not respond now to calls from state law enforcement agencies regarding motor vehicles stopped with illegal aliens. If the feds will not respond for a van full of human cargo, why would they respond for a truck loaded with horse cargo?
  • Enforcement will only happen when:
    • there is an accident because law enforcement will investigate the accident, thus collecting the evidence needed to prosecute.
    • In states where there is a law banning doubles, PA, NY, MA, MD, RI, VT, state and local law enforcement can enforce the state law, and the U.S. Attorney General could file federal charges because the evidence will be collected by law enforcement.
    • At the U.S. border, if the U.S. border patrol, USDA, and U.S. Customs officials are aware of the law. Again, the Commercial Transportation of Horses to Slaughter Regulations demonstrates that this does not happen. U.S. D.O.T and Motor Carrier inspectors are not aware of the law and do not report suspected violations to APHIS.
  • The failed enforcement of the federal regulations, which has Civil Penalties, compared to the successful enforcement of the NY and PA state laws with criminal penalties proves that Civil Penalties are not effective.
  • State legislators will point to a federal law banning doubles as a reason not to pass state legislation. As pointed out above, in states where there is a law in place, is where the federal law could be enforced.


Amend the law to a chapter in Title 49 Transportation that has criminal penalties. Title 49 Chapter III Part 393 provides criminal penalties and would allow law enforcement state law enforcement officers who have been trained and authorized to enforce the federal motor carrier safety program laws.

Kirk's office maintains that the high fines will be a deterrent. Facts prove that the death penalty does not act as a deterrent. Facts prove that Arlow Kiehl and Don Nickerson, Nickerson Livestock, were not deterred by Carper's conviction and $11,000 fine in NY, or Three Hills Rodeo was not deterred by New Holland and Sugarcreek Livestocks' convictions.

Stay Tuned for more on this important issue.

Read the Legislative History of the Commercial Transportation of Horses to Slaughter Act to better understand the legislative process and the failure of animal and horse welfare organizations to recognize and oppose bad legislation.

Double deck trailers are not designed, safety tested, or manufactured for horses.
The USDA has stated that they cannot be made safe and humane for horses, even if modified.

IL Horse Transport Bill Dies in Senate due to Opposition from Farm Bureau

Rhode Island Joins PA, NY, MA, VT, and MD in banning double deck trailers for all horses, no matter what their final destination!

Download a card and carry in your car.
Help enforce PA, NY, RI, MD, and VT laws banning the use of double deck trailers to transport any horse,
no matter what its final destination!


You will need Adobe Reader a free plug in that you can download. Click here to download free plug in Adobe Reader!

PA Horse Transport Law Enforced!

Three Hills Rodeo drivers - GUILTY!

Paid $5000.00 in fines for violating PA Horse Transport Law!

Three Hills Rodeo 2 double deck trailers

"The Commonwealth does not tolerate violations of the animal cruelty law in Pennsylvania,
and the police did an excellent job in enforcing this law. 

Subsection e1 of the animal cruelty law,(found at 18 Pa.C.S.A. 5511) otherwise known as the "double decker" law,
is one of Pennsylvania's strongest criminal laws.  

Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Aliena Gerhard
The EPN extends our deepest appreciation to the Whitemarsh Police Department, Pennsylvania State Police, Montgomery County ADA Aliena Gerhard, and the private citizen who kept her eyes open & made the call to report the illegal transport of horses in 2 double deck trailers!

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